Community Work / Kampong Friends


Kampong Friends focuses on collaborating and co-creating with the community by identifying and mobilising existing, but often unrecognised assets and resources.

Kampong @ Lim Kopi

Lim Kopi aims to strengthen the kampong spirit in Lorong Lew Lian.

The idea of creating a space for elderly residing in Lorong Lew Lian was mooted after our needs assessment surveys with the residents. 

Kampong Harvest

Kampong Harvest @ SMFSC aims to be a sustainable organic garden that connects people and promotes well-being.

Is a community garden that extends to being more than just a garden itself, where it can be used as a platform to connect residents from all walks of life and promote physical and social well-being. The idea for a community garden was based on feedback from residents who also expressed interest to be actively involved.

Kampong Friends’ Blessings

Kampong Friends’ Blessing aims to encourage the kampong spirit among residents.

Kampong Friends’ Blessings (KFB) was launched on 20 February 2018. Since then, there is a steady stream of donations due to the helping spirit. As of February 2019, the programme had received more than 1800 donations and 227 families have benefited from the programme.

Kampong Kakis

Kampong Kakis provides a platform for residents to give back to their community.

We recognize that every individual has their own unique gifts and skills, and hence we created this avenue for interested residents to come onboard and contribute their talents. This programme extends beyond the concept of voluntarism, but instead aims to build a cohesive community where assistance is just around the corner!

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